About Us

ONEX TECHNOLOGY LIMITED ( before Onex Limited ) was established in 2022, with its business located in Foshan. Its main business is import and export activity, focusing on the injection molding machines and office chair parts.

Organization History

Foshan Cordoba Limited ( established in 2011 in Foshan ), moved to Shenzhen in 2019 strategically, with the new company name—Onex Limited. And the original company address in Foshan became the operation center for dealing with the daily affairs other than finance.

But unfortunately it is influenced by the unexpected Covid-19, there is no way to move forward the planned strategic.

Therefore, for a better development in the following year, we moved the operation center back to Foshan, which is close to our factory. And we set up our new company— Onex Technology Limited. All our activities, including the factories and clients remain the same as before.

How We Work

ONEXTEC - worker


Work in earnest, serve our clients in earnest.


Dedication is our attitude.


Efficient methods, tools and communication.

Our Culture

All businesses are about services

We are always trying to use our best services and concentrated efforts to enable our business and collaboration to make positive impacts that are scalable and sustainable.

Organization Value

The world is as big as a forest, and most companies are small and medium-sized businesses like small plants, including us. Under the giant trees, many dwarf and tenacious plants grow, forming a complete forest.
Our goal is to serve small and medium-sized enterprises which always have their characteristics. We frequently go on business in order to better communicate and understand them, and provide them with a holistic solution to make them stand out in the market for a long period.
We believe in the power of time, because time will wash away all hypocrisy. And we cherish our reputation a lot.

Organization Activity

Except for the import and export activities, we also have some financial and investment activities. But the objects are our suppliers, with the main purpose to optimize our supply chain.

Our Footprint

We have been to many different countries. Look at the coins we collected and see if there's any coins from your country.

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Argentine Coin-2
American Coin-2
American Coin-1
Coin of Banque Du Liban-1
Coin of Banque Du Liban-2
Arabic Coin-1
Arab Coin-2
Coin of Bank Negara Malaysia-2
Coin of Bank Negara Malaysia-1
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